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Rated Top Weight Loss in Windsor area.

Rick Saruna is considered one of Windsor’s TOP Therapists.
He was featured in the Windsor Star Think Wellness section for his expertise in Weight Loss. To read the full article as it appeared just CLICK on the article.

About Us


Rick Saruna founded Body and Mind in the 1990s. He is the developer of the various life improvement programs of the clinic.
Rick’s background and expertise in addictions, weight loss, emotional eating, stress, anxiety, health issues and counselling has allowed him to create an internationally known weight loss program that includes emotional and physical health. People from all over North America have traveled many miles to experience his expertise in his programs.
His background in psychotherapy has allowed him to discover and understand the underlying emotional issues, food eating and weight. When you work with Rick you get a professional that will not only help you but also understand you.
He knows what works and doesn’t work from a practical standpoint, not from just a course, a training, a title or a certification. He has seen just about everything and welcomes difficult and unusual situations. Always seeking a challenge to help especially when someone thinks they have tried everything.
If you are looking for long lasting answers as well as solutions Body and Mind in Windsor, Ontario is the place to call.
Rick Saruna will personally see you and work with you.
Also an expert and developer of emotional release techniques, Victim Services Counselor, professional therapist, hypnosis instructor, NLP instructor, EFT instructor, author of “Thought Shifting – How to Remove Negative Inner Voice”, trainer and professional speaker.

Why Choose Us


Rated Top in 3BestRated. Awarded Most Effective Therapist. Windsor’s #1 Rated Clinic by Hypnosis Works Directory. We are Windsor’s original Laser and Hypnosis Clinic. Specializing in Weight Loss, Sugar Cravings, Addictions, Emotional Eating and Emotional Issues, Stress, Anxiety and Counselling Therapies. Serving Windsor, Ontario, Michigan, Ohio and surrounding areas since the 1990’s.


Body & Mind is the BEST place to go if you want effective ways to lose weight without diets that don’t work and having to weigh in and wear your “light” clothes. Windsor’s award-winning Therapist will help in achieving a healthier life with Body & Mind’s Unique Weight Loss Programs that have been effectively used by 1,000’s of happy and healthy clients throughout Ontario, Michigan, Ohio and beyond.

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Rick Saruna Is One Of Canada’s Most Experienced Weight Loss Specialists

Since we look at a natural holistic approach and solution we apply a variety of techniques and processes to help you achieve your goals.


Our Proven Process To Help You Stay Free From Past Behaviors!

Unique Process of Laser & Hypnosis & Support

  • All laser is NOT the same. We have developed a unique process exclusive to Body & Mind. Laser is taught and used with metabolism points. We have developed a process of CRAVING REDUCTION.
  • All Hypnosis is NOT the same. We use a clinical professional hypnotic process developed by us. This technique allows you to be totally aware, in total control and RELAXED at the same time. We also record each session for you to take home and listen to reinforce all new desired behaviors.
  • We believe in Education. The more our clients know the easier everything goes. We spend time explaining what we do and why. We encourage questions and taking time with you.
  • Support Support Support. We are available to answer questions 6 days a week at our full-time clinical offices. We encourage question so you understand the processes and enjoy the changes. Join the 1,000’s of clients we have helped.
  • Body & Mind is Windsor’s original Laser Hypnosis Clinical Program. We have been serving the area since the 1990’s at the same location. If you are looking for experience and reputation you have found it.

A Proven Step By Step Program That Works

  • Body & Mind uses a PROVEN program developed over 20 years of research and success.
  • Body & Mind Laser and Hypnosis Program has been proven to be safe, effective and empowering.
  • Body & Mind Laser and Hypnosis Program is NOT available anywhere else.
  • Body & Mind Laser and Hypnosis Program is designed to create and support long term solutions and success.
  • Body & Mind is your award winning and top rated clinic for success.
  • Awarded 3 Best clinic for Smoking and Weight Loss.
  • Awarded Most Effective Therapist.
  • Awarded Best Quit Smoking Program by Hypnosis Works Directory
  • Laser Instructor and Researcher
  • Hypnosis Instructor and Trainer
CALL US NOW – 519-948-0078

Long Term Success With Years of Full Time Experience

  • Body & Mind has the experience and expertise to yield lasting positive results
  • Body & Mind uses simple and easy-to-follow programs for long term benefits.
  • Body & Mind specializes in all situations including hard core & difficult cases.
  • Body & Mind has helped 1,000s just like you from Windsor and all over Ontario, as well as Detroit, Oakland County, Wayne County, & Macomb County – to live Happy, Healthier lives.
  • Unique and difficult situations – We have helped them all on their journey to create the changes they desire.

We Accept Everyone Who Has The Desire To Lose Weight

  • No Pressure FREE Evaluation
  • Windsor Owned and Developed – Over 25 Years Experience
  • No Scales – Not a Diet Based Progam
  • Reduces Stress and Removes Emotional Eating
  • Our Process Reduces Cravings for Sugars and Breads
  • Our Program Is Easy And Unique – It Teaches You How To Create A New Lifestyle.
  • Our Key – Support – Support – Support! Helping You All The Way.

Call Us – We Can Help You Lose Weight and Remove Stress

I used to sit on the couch or watch TV and not exercise. I now feel a deep desire to be active and exercise everyday. I am also not snacking and I stopped grabbing chocolate at the grocery checkout, something I used to always do!

I’m now feeling better than I have ever felt before and Rick’s CD motivate me to exercise. I must also say that I have also lost 7 1/2 lbs in the first 3 weeks.

My health has improved and the headaches I used to always have are almost disappeared! My blood pressure is now normal and I was able to get off my muscle relaxation meds.

I’ve also been motivated to join 2 social groups. I enjoy my new activities and love my new lifestyle. I’m more positive and I’m enjoying life like never before. I can now say that yes everyday is a great day.

Thanks for everything and I encourage others to try Rick’s program you will be glad you did!”


“I came to Body and Mind to get help with weight loss. In six weeks I have lost 19 pounds.

The weight loss was not the only benefit from these sessions, I am calmer, more relaxed, and have a better outlook on my life and what I can achieve.

Even though I was doing the weight loss session I only had one migraine headache during this time when I usually have one week that lasts for 5 days.

By doing these sessions, I now have the tools to make my life healthier. Thanks Rick!”


“Rick has been great. I lost 20 lbs in less than 2 months without really trying.

I have tried everything in the market to loss weight and nothing worked. I was about to give up when i saw the ad for Body & Mind on the internet. I could not believe how easy it was. I have no craving or want for sweets anymore. I am not on a diet, I just eat less because I am full and satisfied.

Here is the before and halfway there picture. It has been 3 months and I lost 30 lbs without really trying. I still go out to restaurants, but now I always leave with a doggie bag. I eat everything I want but just a lot less. I never thought with me being on steroids that I would be able to loose weight. I have tried probably almost everything on the market and nothing worked, until I found you.”


“It has been 1 month since I’ve been coming to Rick and I am astonished at my results. I have lost 12 pounds effortlessly.

I have stopped all of my snacking and night eating and am eating good, healthy meals a day with no counting of calories or weighing of food!

I am able to have whatever I want, but I choose not to and that has made all the difference in the world. My mind set has changed.

Thank You, Rick.”


“Meeting with Rick changed my life. Before I met him I would drink 3-l diet cokes a day and tried every diet imaginable and would find reasons to not exercise.

I found Rick on the internet & thought I would give it a try – I was blown away. After the first session I completely stopped drinking diet coke – I had no desire for junky, unhealthy food & I began to crave exercising.

I lost 8 lbs the first 3 weeks and 11 inches. Rick is amazing and I would recommend him to anyone.”


“This has been a great experience. It made the cravings for chocolate so easy to control.

A friend did the smoking session and had success as well. I have lost 16 lbs in 7 weeks.

It really does work.”


“15 lbs in 6 weeks! It is amazing, it is not a diet, more how to live. It is not hard, just more concentration on why/what to eat.

I am more positive & walk with more energy. The CD’s reinforce and are very relaxing.

Thank You – I feel as if I found myself & losing weight is not hopeless.”


“I have purchased every diet book ever written and I have participated in a lot of programs that are out there.
Have I lost weight? Of course! the only problem being that I would gain the weight back plus more each and every time. We do know what to do. What to eat and what not to eat. We know that we would exercise. So if we know these things then why don’t we do them?
With me, I didn’t do them, because I wasn’t equipped with the mind portion of the program. I was never there mentally even though I wanted to be!
Let’s face it; no one wants to be over weight. We tell ourselves we are happy when in truth we are miserable. We feel unwell, we look unwell and we become a non-participant in our own lives.
I have passed up so many fabulous opportunities with friends and family because of my weight. I didn’t want to be seen and I didn’t want to have people saying, “Oh my god, what happened to her.”
Life was passing by fast and furiously and I wanted back in. I want to participate. I want to feel good about myself. I want to be present in my life, NOW.
My mother begged me to see Rick. I thought she was crazy. A hypnotist?
After she pleaded and pleaded with me, I figured I would make her happy and I would go and visit the clinic.
I AM SO VERY GLAD THAT I DID. I cannot even explain in words how after one visit my life changed. It sounds crazy but it is so very true. I woke up the next morning and I was on a new path. Actually, it scared me. It was unbelievable that this could work for me.
I’ve lost 15 pounds now and I am about to have my third visit with Rick. This to me is amazing. I am not dieting. I am making better choices. I am happier and I do believe that I can now do this.
I will not be a non-participant any longer. Life is too short to play that game and I won’t have it.
In short, I owe Rick so very much. I thank him for giving this gift to me. I thank him for listening and showing me that I can be happy and that I can do this. It’s all so very easy if you just let it happen.

If you are feeling apprehensive or think this will not work, you are wrong. You will be so happy with the results and so pleased that you too have decided to get back in the game of life!”


Weight loss clients discuss their experiences on what our program is really like.

Think it’s not enough? Listen to these audio testimonials of real people who experienced real results.

Glen – lost 15lbs in
3 weeks.

Listen To Glen

Bob – lost 23lbs in
2.5 months.

Listen To Mr.Bob

Margie – lost 35lbs in
8 months.

Listen To Margie

Barb – lost 45lbs in
8 months

Listen To Barb

Marge – lost 18lbs after 3 months without diet

Listen To Marge

Marge – lost 30lbs after
6 months

Listen To Marge

Wally – lost 19lbs after
7 weeks.

Listen To Wally

Cheryl – lost 12lbs in
3 weeks

Listen To Cheryl

Alice – lost 18lbs in 1 month without exercise

Listen To Alice

Donna – lost 14lbs in
2 months

Listen To Donna

Nadia – lost 6lbs in
2 weeks.

Listen To Nadia

Sarah – lost 20lbs in 1 month without diet

Listen To Sarah

Carol – lost 20lbs after 2 months

Listen To Carol

Brea – lost 13lbs in 3 weeks

Listen To Brea

Disclaimer – Google requires a disclaimer no matter how successful we really are. Here it is,
Personal behaviors can not be guaranteed. Your results might not be typical of those listed or as similar to those of our many successful clients.


Expert Treatment Advice


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Body and mind Natural Health Clinic is Windsor’s only holistic Clinic specializing in Quit Smoking, Weight loss, Stress/Anxiety and Empowerment. Serving the since the Windsor/Michigan region since the 1990s. Counselling individuals and families for health and happiness.


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